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Laxius Power III 1.1


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Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows CE


Laxius Power Games


Laxius Power III 1.1 Review

Open-ended, award-winning 200H RPG, Laxius Power III is the epic conclusion of the famous trilogy. In a huge world full of creatures (more than 500), it features 150 quests in a non-linear gameplay, including 6 guilds to enter and 2 endings to discover. Laxius Power III is the definitive installment of the series! Get prepared to help Random Pendragon, Sarah Brandolino (the legendary couple of the
saga) and all of their friends fight against the Demons as the dreaded cycle is coming towards its accomplishment.
Take a deep breath and read for yourself, you're not going to believe how many features this game holds for you: 200 hours of gameplay (1100 different areas), one of the biggest, most open-ended worlds ever created in a free RPG, massively non-linear gameplay, original characters artworks, original musics in MP3/WAV, visible encounters, 120 acquirable & original spells, 500+ monsters to fight, 500+ items to discover, several elics and Artifacts to collect, very detailed world and background, 22 characters with their own attributes & personality, 6 guilds to join, with their own quests and rank system, 150 major quests (including 100 side quests), all compiled in a questboook, interaction with the characters (some being able to do what some can't), side XP bonus system (Slayer System) based on who's fighting whom, weaponsmith system (Weapon & Armor) using 16 different ores, dreambook system (full characters stats), alchemy system using 18 ingredients, Coliseum (solo fight or party fight), Change party members system, Menu customization system, 200 secrets to discover, Huge and scary monsters, Party splitting, Juke box system and last but not least, 2 different endings!
Are you ready to venture in the realms of Laxius Power?

Program system requirements: Windows 98 and more advanced


Laxius Power III

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File size 30 MB

laxius power, rpg, indinera, fantasy, old school, elf, cute, non-linear, huge, open-ended, trilogy,

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